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Kelsey Creek Park: A Tranquil Retreat in the Heart of Bellevue, WA


Nestled amid the urban landscape of Bellevue, Washington, Kelsey Creek Park offers a serene escape for residents and visitors seeking a peaceful natural retreat. This 150-acre park, known for its pastoral charm and recreational amenities, has become a beloved destination for families, nature enthusiasts, and anyone looking to connect with the outdoors. Information can be found here.

Historical Roots and Farmstead

At the heart of Kelsey Creek Park lies a historic farmstead that dates back to the 1930s. The farm, complete with a red barn and quaint structures, provides a nostalgic glimpse into the region's agricultural past. Visitors can explore the barn, which houses animals like sheep, goats, and chickens, creating an educational and interactive experience for all ages. See here for information about Coal Creek Natural Area: Preserving Wilderness in the Heart of Bellevue, WA.


Tranquil Trails and Open Spaces

Kelsey Creek Park boasts a network of trails that wind through lush greenery, allowing visitors to enjoy leisurely walks or invigorating jogs. The park's open spaces provide opportunities for picnics, sports, and relaxation. The calming ambiance and well-maintained landscapes make it an ideal setting for both solitary contemplation and communal gatherings.

Interactive Nature Programs

For those eager to learn about the local flora and fauna, Kelsey Creek Park offers interactive nature programs and guided tours. These educational initiatives cater to a range of audiences, from school groups to families, fostering an understanding of the natural world and the importance of environmental conservation.

Community Events and Festivals

Throughout the year, Kelsey Creek Park becomes a focal point for community events and festivals. Seasonal celebrations, like the popular Sheep Shearing Day and the Farm Fair, draw residents together for festive activities, entertainment, and a chance to experience the park in a vibrant and communal atmosphere.


Kelsey Creek Park, with its blend of historical charm, recreational spaces, and educational offerings, stands as a testament to Bellevue's commitment to preserving green spaces within an urban environment. Whether exploring the farmstead, enjoying the tranquil trails, or participating in community events, visitors to Kelsey Creek Park find a harmonious balance between nature and community in the heart of Bellevue.

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